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About Puddles Not Muddles

Puddles Not Muddles Counselling is based near Heathrow Airport. We have a small flock of friendly sheep some goats and a herd horses who all live on the 6 acres of land. We were lucky enough to find the farm a few years ago and have worked very hard to start the process of returning this neglected space into a place that embraces and enhances the the natural environment. We have found that the more love and care we have put into it  the more birds and wild animals return. The natural balance has started returning. 

 I realised as a therapeutic counsellor that I wanted to do things a little differently. Use my passion for creativity, the outdoors and animals alongside the more traditional talking therapy session to help clients and provide a unique experience which is a little different from the norm. Why not it's always served me well in the past and gives me great comfort and insite when life is hard. So Puddles Not Muddles was born and each year it grows and flourishes a little more,  new plants grow, new animals arrive and with them come more opportunity's and more learning for me and for our clients and visitors. Almost as if it was meant to be, and that this little farm nestled away near Heathrow airport lost and forgotten is so happy that it now has a big purpose. 

If you would like to talk about how counselling could help you or you are interested in knowing more about what we do please call Gemma 07860100577 or contact us via the contact form.

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